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Translation Studies and Its Turns

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In my blog, I am going to publish fragments of my current research, or share my ideas about what I come across in the publications I read or in the materials I study, or discuss issues in Translation Studies which, I think, call for a discussion. My posts do not claim to be anything more than work in progress and are inevitably of fragmentary nature. I count on my readers and their expertise to fill in the blanks and to contextualize discussions, whenever necessary. All borrowings must be acknowledged.
NB: The posts are published so that the newest one comes first and shown on the main page, therefore the older ones are to be found the section "Previous Posts." The New Testament principle is at work: the first will become the last.

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TranslationPosted by Sergey Tyulenev Mon, May 13, 2013 09:09:29
Today's post has little to do with translation studies, unless painting is considered as a form of translation and I do consider painting a form of translation. Yet I won't be analysing it or discussing any theoretical issues related to it. Rather, I'd like to invite everybody check out a portfolio I've been working on as a distraction from my teaching and marking duties. I hope you'll enjoy my artwork and be distracted, too. Here is the link:

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